Switching to Russian

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The english version of Ukrlandia will be not more update in future. This is due to our decision to create a new version for Russian speakers.

Now Ukrlandia will be maintained in two languages: Italian and Russian.

You can keep reading Ukrlandia in English by using the Google translator tool available on www.ukrlandia.com.ua

Zhulyany airport, Kiev

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Zhulyany Airport (IEV) is the old airport of the capital. It has been abandoned for years by the major airlines which have opted for the well-known and most modern airport located in Boryspol (KBP), outside Kiev.

That was until March 27th 2011 when the Wizz Air flights were moved from Terminal F of Kiev Boryspil to Zhuliani, which is a good airport for low cost companies.

Airport ZhulianiAirport Zhulyany di Kiev

How to reach the airport

– From the main station: Trolleybus 9
– Form the trade center Boshevik (metro Shulyavskaya), trolleybus 22 o mashrutka taxi 213
– Metro Petrovka, mashrutka taxi 499, 496
– Metro Kontraktovaya plosha, mashrutka taxi 302

Zhuliani trolleyTrolley Zhuliani

From the railway station is possible to reach the airport by car in just 15 – 20 mins.

The Check – in

Just inside the terminal you will find the check in counters in a corridor on the left.

ZhulyanyInside the airport

The check in counters are simple but in good number, the luggage is simply weighted on a normal balance.

Zhulyany Check - inArea Check – in (notice the balances)

Once the boarding card is issued, your luggage will be taken by some man and brought to the plane.

Zhulyany check inCheck – in counters

In the “hall” there are is also a king of waiting room and some vending machines (ex. the one for to recharge the phone).

Zhuliani waiting roomwaiting room Zhuliani

Passport control and security checks

With your boarding card you can proceed to the boarding room through a door with a large sign “Wizz Air Boarding” .

Zhulyany BoardingDoor which lead to the security check

This door leads to an open air area that connect with another building where the controls will take place.


ZhulyanyFrom that door you will reach the controls zone

– Security check, here will be checked your luggage
– Passport control, they will put the stamp on your passport (the immigration card is not more required)

Boarding area

After these controls you will finally reach the waiting room where you can wait for the boarding time.

Boarding Zhulianiboarding area Zhuliani

Since there are not other planes, the take off is quite fast.

Wizz Air planesWizz Air planes

In the waiting room should be also a Duty free. (the airport was partially renewed with the coming of Wizz Air)

For to know more

Official site of Zhulyany airport: http://www.airport.kiev.ua

Terminal F, Kiev Boryspil

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The Terminal F is the newest terminal of Kiev Boryspil.

Terminal F Kiev airportTerminal F Kiev airport

Previously, all international flights were departing and arriving at the Terminal B. Now with the exception of some flights, especially those of Aerosvit, almost all others companies (Lufthansa, Alitalia, etc …) use the new terminal.

The new terminal is situated not far from the other terminals. Terminal A (domestic flights) is  within a walking distance from Terminal F.

Terminal F, Airport Kiev BoryspolTerminal F, airport of Kiev Boryspol

As soon as we got off the plane we arrived (via bus) in a large room where there is the passport control. The counters are divided into three types: citizens of Ukraine, No Visa or Visa. In reality this devision is not strictly followed.

After the passport control (the immigration card is not more required), we arrive in the baggage claim area.

Baggage claim, Terminal FAfter the passport control

Pick up your luggage and proceed as usual to customs control (Green or Red Channel). We crossed the green one and we were asked to put our luggage in a scanner. Nobody asked us to open our bag.

Finally you will get in the public area where you will be met by several taxi drivers waiting for customers. (say niet and they will let you alone)

Arrivals, Terminal F Kiev airportArea arrivi, Terminale F aeroporto di Kiev

Arrivals, Terminal F Kiev airportArrivals, Kiev airport

Outside the terminal there is a large parking lot, many “taxi” and should be also there a bus stop of Polit.
Who wants to go to the hotel of the airport, there is a free shuttle few meters away (between Terminal F and Terminal B, it is a white minibus Mercedes).

So far we don’t have more information to share:)

For to know more:

Official site of Boryspol airport: http://kbp.com.ua/english/general/index.html

Ukrainian and Russian TV online

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Several Ukrainian and Russian channels offer on their web sites the possibility to watch live their programs.

Tv channels with online streaming

Ukrainian channels

– Интер (Inter)

– K1


Russian channels

– RT (English)

– PALI Television

– Smile of a Child TV



Official sites of the other channels

These sites doesn’t offer live broadcasting but only some video and information about their programs.


– 1+1
– 2+2
– @Music
– Донбас ТВ
-е фільм
– Интер+
– K2
– M
– MTV Ukraine
– Подробности
– Футбол
– Україна
– Энтер


– Вести
– Мать и Дитя
– Music Box
– Первый канал (Channel 1 Russia)
http://www.1tvrus.com (Europe)
– РТР Планета

Some of these channels offer live streaming only if you are in Russia (ex. Channel 1 Russia)


There are specific applications which allow to watch some of these channels (ex. Vesti5 Channel)
Others are simply available directly from Safari (ex. Интер)

Russian and Ukrainian channels (Astra and Hotbird)

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If you have a sat decoder, you can easily get several Russian channels for free.

In this guide we will only talk about the free channels which are available these two satellites:
Hotbird 13E and Astra 19.2E.

Here is the list of the Russian (and of other Russian speaking countries) channels with the settings for to catch them if you are not able to get them automatically.

Frequences and parameters for free to air decoders.
This list was updated 06/02/11

Satellite Hotbird 13E

Russian speaking channels

– 1TVRUS (Первый канал)

Freq. TP: 12597
Symbol rate: 27500
Pol.: V
PID Video: 0167
PID Audio: 0108
PCR PID: 0167

– Music Box Russia

Freq. TP: 11642
Symbol rate: 27500
Pol.: H
PID Video: 1301
PID Audio: 1302
PCR PID: 1301


Freq. TP: 12520
Symbol rate: 27500
Pol.: V
PID Video: 0603
PID Audio: 0604
PCR PID: 0603

– CNL Russia

Freq. TP: 10815
Symbol rate: 27500
Pol.: H
PID Video: 2012
PID Audio: 3012
PCR PID: 2012

– K+ (Kazakhstan)

Freq. TP: 11623
Symbol rate: 27500
Pol.: V
PID Video: 0261
PID Audio: 0271
PCR PID: 0261

– R1

Freq. TP: 11117
Symbol rate: 27492
Pol.: V
PID Video: 6601
PID Audio: 6611
PCR PID: 6601

– Vesti (Вести)

Freq. TP: 11034
Symbol rate: 27500
Pol.: V
PID Video: 1020
PID Audio: 1030
PCR PID: 1020

– RTR Planeta (РТР-Планета)

Freq. TP: 11034
Symbol rate: 27500
Pol.: V
PID Video: 820
PID Audio: 830
PCR PID: 820

– Smile of a Children (Улыбка ребёнка)

Freq. TP: 11566
Symbol rate: 27500
Pol.: H
PID Video: 8013
PID Audio: 8113
PCR PID: 8013

– TBN Russia (ТБН)

Freq. TP: 11566
Symbol rate: 27500
Pol.: H
PID Video: 8007
PID Audio: 8107
PCR PID: 8007

– Music one RU TV

Freq. TP: 11013
Symbol rate: 27500
Pol.: H
PID Video: 2014
PID Audio: 3014
PCR PID: 2014

– Sarafan

Freq. TP: 11034
Symbol rate: 27500
Pol.: H
PID Video: 320
PID Audio: 330
PCR PID: 320

– PALI Televison

Freq. TP: 11604
Symbol rate: 27500
Pol.: H
PID Video: 3710
PID Audio: 3720
PCR PID: 3710

NEW – Shanson

Freq. TP: 11034
Symbol rate: 27500
Pol.: V
PID Video: 320
PID Audio: 330
PCR PID: 320

NEW – Soyuz TV

Freq. TP: 10815
Symbol rate: 27500
Pol.: H
PID Video: 2013
PID Audio: 3013
PCR PID: 2013


Freq. TP: 12322
Symbol rate: 27500
Pol.: H
PID Video: 58
PID Audio: 59

NEW – Strana TV

Freq. TP: 11034
Symbol rate: 27500
Pol.: V
PID Video: 320
PID Audio: 330
PCR PID: 320

Canali Russi in altre lingue

(English language)

Freq. TP: 12015
Symbol rate: 27500
Pol.: H
PID Video: 527
PID Audio: 5664
PCR PID: 143

– Russia Today
(English language)

Freq. TP: 11319.50
Symbol rate: 27500
Pol.: V
PID Video: 1029
PID Audio: 1229
PCR PID: 1029

– Rusiya Al-Yaum
(Arabic language)

Freq. TP: 11319.50
Symbol rate: 27500
Pol.: V
PID Video: 1032
PID Audio: 1232
PCR PID: 1032

NEW – World Fashion Channel
(English language)

Freq. TP: 12322
Symbol rate: 27500
Pol.: H
PID Video: 72
PID Audio: 71

Canali multilingua

– RTG Russian Travel Guide
(Russian and English language, depend on the PID Audio)

Freq. TP: 12380
Symbol rate: 27500
Pol.: H
PID Video: 3333
PID Audio: 3344 (Russo) 3343 (Inglese)
PCR PID: 3333

– Euronews
(Russian language)

Freq. TP: 12597
Symbol rate: 27500
Pol.: V
PID Video: 2221
PID Audio: 2237
PCR PID: 2221

Satellite Astra 19.2E

– Euronews
(Russian language)

Freq. TP: 12226.50
Symbol rate: 27500
Pol.: H
PID Video: 2432
PID Audio: 2439
PCR PID: 2432

– Russia Today
(English language)

Freq. TP: 115380
Symbol rate: 22000
Pol.: V
PID Video: 604
PID Audio: 624
PCR PID: 604

There are of course also other satellites such as:

– Express am1 40E: Very good for to get Russian channels.
– Sirius 4.8E and Amos 4W: They both offer several Ukrainian channels.

These satellites are not so easy to get, at least form Italy.


More info on sat-tv: