After the Nulla osta

Once you have gotten the “Nulla osta” you need to gather all the documents which are required for the ZAGS of your city.

Now you must do the following:

1 Legalize the “Nulla osta” (Compulsory)

2 Make an authenticate translation of your passport (ask your ZAGS)


The previous documents are the ones required by the ZAGS of Donetsk.
Ask to your ZAGS which documents they really require. The Nulla osta legalization is required anyway.

1 Nulla osta legalization (compulsory)

Once you have gotten your “Nulla osta” bring it to the Consular Department of the Ukrainian Foreign Affairs for to be legalized.

This department is located at few steps from the San Michael Cathedral.
You can go there by metro, station “Poshtova Plosha” and then by funicular. (see post).

The department is inside the yellow building in the following photos.

Consular Department of the Ukrainian Foreign AffairsConsular Department of the Ukrainian Foreign Affairs

Note: The entrance to the department is now through the door on the back side of the building and not more from the door on the main street.

The office works only in the morning from 9 until 12.
Try to come there at least 1 hour before the closing since you need to fill out some forms and most of all make the queue!

The you can come in the afternoon, from 4 until 5 pm for to take it back.

Don’t forget to take the passport with you.

Required time: 1 day, bring it in the morning and take it back in the afternoon.
Price: 38 Hryvnia

2 Authenticated translation of your passport

(Ask your ZAGS if you really need it)

Go to any translation agency in Kiev and ask a translation for ZAGS purpose of your passport. (from Italian to Ukrainian)

The employee will make a xerox of the first to pages of your passport so you don’t need to leave there the original.

The simple translation is not enough, you need also to bring the translation, through the same agency, to any notary. There it will be required also your passport in original.

Required time:
It depends according to the agency and the notary, anyway should not take more than a couple of days.

90 Hryvnia, translation 30 and notary 60 Hryvnia.

If you have any question feel free to write us.

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