Guide to Kiev: Andreyevskiy spusk

Andreyevskiy spusk (Андреевский спуск o Андріївський узвіз in Ukrainian) is one of the most beautiful and characteristic streets of Kiev; the place where it is possible to buy souvenirs, on one of the many souvenirs shops which are all along the street, and in the same time to visit the museum house of Bulgakov and to enjoy the view on the Saint Andrew’s church.

How to get there

1 From the Saint Michael’s Cathedral, follow the street “Десятинная, Desiatinnaia” which will bring you to the street.
2 By metro until the station “Контрактовая площадь Kontraktovaia ploschad” and from there by feet until the beginning of the street (in this way it will be not a descent but an ascent street).

What to see

1 Saint Andrew’s Church (style: baroc, arch. the Italian Rastrelli)
2 House museum of Bulgakov
3 Richard lion heart’s castle
4 Museum of one street
5 Souvenirs shops (almost all them are open air)

Photo tour of Andreyevskiy spusk

Percorriamo assieme l’Andreyevskiy spusk partendo dall’area della fermata metro “Kontraktovaia ploschad” (quindi in salita verso la chiesa di Sant Andrea)

Andreyevskiy spuskBeginning of the ascent several hundred of meters after the stations “Kontraktovaia ploschad”

Andreyevskiy spuskOn the left you can see the museum house of Bulgakov

Museum house of BulgakovMuseum house of Bulgakov

Andreyevskiy spuskView of Richard lion heart’s castle

Andreyevskiy spuskView of the Saint Andrew’s Church

Saint Andrew's ChurchSaint Andrew Church

Souvenirs shops

Souvenirs shops in Kiev

Souvenirs shops in Kiev

Souvenirs shops in Kiev


Pay attention to the prices and to the quality of the souvenirs. Prices can vary from a shop to another and sometimes to be higher than other shops of the center of Kiev. About the quality, they will say you that all goods are handmade and maybe that they made them by themself… free to believe:) You can also find used things from the soviet times.

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2 Responses to “Guide to Kiev: Andreyevskiy spusk”

  1. Gabor says:

    It looks like a stunning destination.

    I am of Magyar background, but live in Australia. I think when i visit Budapest next year, I will consider driving through Ukraine.

    I will certainly keep visiting this blog to learn more.

    Thank You!

  2. Greenissimo says:

    Ukraine is truly a beautiful country, you will not be disappointed!
    Hungarians don’t need visa for to enter in Ukraine but for Australian is
    still required:(

    From Budapest you can find several trains running in the direction of Ukraine.
    Visit this site for to know more:

    Thank you, and sorry for the delay in the answer but we were away:)