How to: Autobus, Trolley and Tram VS Mashrutke

In Ukraine you can find mainly two kinds of local transport:

-Local autobus, trolley or tram (i will call them just buses)

Buses are just the same as in almost every other country.
With the difference that in general you buy the ticket when you are already on the bus and not before to take it.
There is in general a woman on the bus that sell tickets to the passengers.
In some cities, you have also to “hole” the ticket with the help of some special machine which you can find on the left side of the bus etc…

Trolley ticket, Lviv

Bus ticket, Kiev

Mashrutke are in general smaller than a bus or a trolley but they offer the same service with the difference that they may stop in places where the normal bus doesn’t.
For this service you don’t have to buy any ticket but to pay on the hand of the driver.
In general their size can vary from a Ford Transit to a small bus.

Inside a mashrutkainside a mashrutka

The price of the firsts is usually less than the second ones.
50 or 75 kopeks against 1-2 Hryivnas.
In the last weeks the prices of these tickets has been increased in many different cities.

I Kyiv, Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk you can take also a metro for to move inside the city.

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