Donetsk international airport

The Donetsk International Airport is one of the most important in Ukraine.

Donetsk airport

It is not a big airport, just one terminal divided in 2 floors: 1 floor: Arrivals and Domestic departures. 2 floor: International Departure. At the first floor you can find several small shops, ticket offices (Donbassaero office) and different places where to sit and wait. For the national departures, go to the left of the hall, there you will find the check in counters and then the place where to pass the security control. National arrivals are in the right part of the hall and international arrivals are in the middle of the hall. On the left and right side of the hall you will be able to find the stairs which will led you to the second floor (international departures). On the second floor, some small shops and the office of these air companies: Lufthansa, Austrian, Turkish airlines and Utair. On the same floor there are 2 waiting rooms, one before customs control and another one (see the photo) after the check in and all other controls.

Aeroporto di Donetsk

In this waiting room you can find a duty free shop and a snack bar.

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How to: Donetsk Airport, International departures

Once inside the terminal go directly to the second floor (International Departures).
Here you will find a large room where you can sit, buy some snack or ask information to your air company (at this floor there are the offices of Lufthansa, Austrian, Utair and Turkish airline; the other ones are on the first floor)
Here you can also weight your bag or if you need fill down a custom declaration, next to the balance you can find several customs declaration forms.

When will come the check in time, you will see the your flight number appear over the white door at the top of the room. (again next to the balance)

Cross the door and chose if to pass through the red or green corridor. If you don’t have anything to declare chose the green corridor.

Once passed the customs control, you can reach the check in counters.
Here they will issue you the boarding card, weight your luggage but they will not take it, you have to give your luggage later.

Now go on and pass the security check. After it you can finally get rid of your luggage giving it to the a man waiting for them. (about luggage, here is everything done by hand)

Finally you have to pass the passport control and reach the waiting room.

At the end of the waiting room, there also a duty free shop and some coffee bar.

Donetsk airport, control area(photo taken from the waiting room, after having passed the check in and all the other controls, here you can see how it looks like the “control-check in area”; these two boxes are the 2 passport control points seen from their back)

When will be the boarding time, a woman will pass through the waiting room calling for the flight.
Follow her and she will bring you and all other passengers downstairs where a bus will bring you to the plane.

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How to: Donetsk Airport International arrivals

Once you get out of the plane, you will find a bus waiting for you; this bus will bring you to the entrance for international arrivals.

You will arrive in a room (much smaller than the one in Kyiv Boryspil) where you have to pass the passport control.
If you don’t have already the Immigration card, you can find a copy of it in this room, in general they are on the left, next to the wall.

Once you have passed the passport control, you have to turn on the left and well you should find your bag there, either on the floor or still on the track.
(Here there is not baggage claim as in Boryspil, everything is done by hand).

Finally with your bag, you have to pass the customs control and then passing through a door you will find yourself at the first floor (the hall) of the airport; here you will see people waiting for their dears and several taxi drivers anxious to bring you where you wish. Few step more and you will be outside of the terminal.

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