How to: Ukrainian customs declaration. English version

Customs declaration Ukraine

It is not needed to fill out the custom declaration if you travel just with your personal items (clothes, notebook, camera, mobile phone, etc) and if you don’t have with you big sum of money.

The most common situation for which you need to fill out the declaration are:

-big sum of money (several thousands of Dollars)
-goods, presents the total value of which exceed the sum of 200 euro or equiv.
-more than 1 liter of spirits, 2 of wine and 5 of beer
-cigarettes max 200 or 200 gram of tobacco
-Antiques and works of arts, musical instruments
-Flora and fauna objects, their parts and products obtained of them
-Food for personal use which value is more than 50 euro

-Lost or sent separately luggage (ex. when your bag didn’t arrive with you)

This list provide only the most common situation, but exist also other limitations (ex. weapons, radioactive materials, etc).
The values and the items described in the list can change with the time.

For more information visit:
or call: +380442817379 (I don’t know if they speak English)

If you don’t have anything to declare, then pass through the “Green Corridor” without filling out the declaration. If you have something to declare then follow the “Red Corridor” with your custom declaration.


Even if you pass through the “Green corridor” it is possible that the guards will ask you to open the bag. (this doesn’t happen so often and at the opposite of what people may think the Ukrainian officers are quite polite)


Take with you all possible receives of the important items that you take with you both presents and personal items. (i mean for ex. notebook or any object that cost not so few)
The same about the things you will buy in Ukraine.


For to see the Customs declaration in Ukrainian:

Customs declaration (Ukrainian version)

This is the module you should fill out in the case you have something to declare at the Ukrainian customs. (red corridor)
Usually you have to fill out this module when you travel with a big sum of money or very precious items.
If you travel just with your personal things… mobile phone, notebook… than you don’t need this declaration.
In this case pass through the green corridor.

Customs declaration Ukraine

You have also to fill out this declaration if your luggage is lost.

This customs declaration is in Ukrainian but at the airport you will be able to find also the English version.

Further information:

Official web site of Ukrainian Customs:

Ukrainian Customs Declaration in English: