How to: Immigration card

Once arrived in Ukraine, you have to fill out the Immigration card and present it, together with your passport, to the passport control.


Remember to fill out both sides of it (arrival and departure).

The passport control officer will give you back the side called “departure”.
Keep it inside your passport for all your staying in Ukraine. You will have to give it back once you leave the Country.

The Immigration card is usually given already on the plane, if not you can find it at the airport just before the passport control.

Immigration card Ukraine

From point 1 to 6 you have to write down your Surname, Name, Citizenship, Date of birth, Sex (gender M/F) and Passport number.

Fill out point 7 only if you have got a visa, if not leave it empty; the same about point 8 fill it out only if you have children with you.

At point 9 you have to write down the Purpose of your journey: Tourism, Private, Business…

At point 10 you are asked to write down the address of the place where you will dwell in Ukraine.

For the last two points 11 and 12 you are asked to write your flight number (if you came with a plane) and then your signature.

Then you have to write the same identical things on the departure side, the only thing which you need to change is point 11 where you have to write the number of the flight that you are going to take. (if u take a plane of course).

One more thing
Write everything in capital letters, leaving the blanks between the words. Fill in the card with dark blue or black ink only.

In the following photo you can see a different model of immigration card:

Immigration card Ukraine

The difference you may notice are in the shape and most of all in the absence of some points in the “Departure” side:
Type, Visa#, Term of Visa” and “Children (name, date of birth)

Anyway there is not any difference in the way to fill out all the other points.
So just fill out as always all the required blanks.

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