Wedding in Ukraine: Visa and wedding transcription

Now with all our documents ready:

– 2 Photos of the Ukrainian citizen
– Wedding certificate legalized and translated in Italian
– Passports

you can go to the Italian embassy in Kiev and ask for the transcription of your wedding and then apply for the visa.

Wedding transcription

This is the first thing you need to do. Go to the office, (the “carabiniere” at the entrance will show you were to go) and give your translated wedding certificate. The embassy will give you back a copy of it to be used when you will apply for the visa.

The embassy will not give you back the original of the wedding certificate. So apart from the copy for the visa office, ask also for an extra copy, authenticated, which you will need once in Italy.

Visa application

Now go to the visa office, the door just after the entrance of the embassy. Here you need to fill out 3 forms:

– 2 copies of the visa application (one they will give you back as receipt)
– the declaration for the “ricongiungimento familiare”

Fill out the first 2 forms answering to the questions with exception of those with the asterisk, which are not required.

The second form is a simple declaration where you ask the visa for your husband or wife.

A copy of these modules is available on the site of the Italian embassy in Kiev:

Type of visas:

– Ricongiungimento familiare
– Familiare al seguito

The difference is very simple: If you travel back to Italy together with you husband or wife then apply for the visa “familiare al seguito” if not then apply for the other one.

If you apply for the visa “familiare al seguito” it is possible that it will be released faster. In this case you need to give also a copy of your tickets for to show that you really travel together.

Required time and difficulties

This kind of visa is give without particular trubles since the Ukrainian citizen is your wife or husband and so you have the right to keep your family together.

In general this visa is issued in few days. It is refused only for serious reasons and the refuse has to be motivated (this doesn’t happen for the touristic visa, which refusal is not motivated).

Where to get back your passport with visa?

The passport will be sent to you with the help of FedEx. At the embassy, after that you have given the visa application, they will ask you to fill out another form where you need to write the address where you want your passport to be delivered and also the name of another person which can take it for you. If you want, you can take it back directly at the FedEx office in Kiev.

Which kind of visa will you get?

The issued visa should be D+C Multi.

Multi = multi entrance
D = Visa for long staying or National
C = Schengen visa

The visa should last 365 days with the exception of the Schengen part (C) which last max 90 days.

For more info on the visa types:

Visas’ database:

When to go to the embassy (also for the transcription)

Monday – Thursday: 9.15 – 13.15 e 15.15 – 16.30
Without appointment.

Wedding procedures

1 For the list of documents given by the Italian Embassy in Kiev (in Italian) visit:

2 How to get the Nulla osta from the embassy:

3 What to do once you have gotten your nulla osta:

4 For to know which documents bring to the ZAGS:

5 Fill out the wedding request form at the ZAGS (translated in English):

6 The wedding day

7 Legalization and translation of the wedding certificate:

NEW (UPDATED 21/04/09): Possible reintroduction of the Visa regime for the EU citizens.

The Ukrainian authorities are now studying the possibility to abolish the Free Visa regime for the citizens of the European Union.

This means the reintroduction of a full fledged Visa regime as it was before the decision taken by President Yushenko during 2005.

There is who say that everything should be already ready for May 7th.

There are also other voices who speak about the possibility of a simple reduction of the free visa maximum stay from 90 to 30 days or even about the possible introduction of a Visa, tax on the arrival on the Turkish style.

The reason of all this a primary on the missed abolition or at least true simplification of the Schengen Visa for the Ukrainian citizens.

In fact are more and more the people who complain about the difficulties , sometimes true nightmares, for to get a Schengen Visa.

Nowadays it is still not clear if all this will stay just simple words for to attract the attention of the European Union or will true be followed by concrete facts.

There is only more to say that all this happen during an hard competition for the future presidential elections.

We also don’t know if the possible reintroduction of Visa will be also for the other countries such as USA and Canada.

When we will have some more information we will share it with you!


Today, we heard at the radio that the discussion is proceeding and the final decision will probable come for May 7th. Until now, there are voice saying the price of the possible visa will be of 35 Euro for both US and EU citizens.


Until now there are no particular news on the possible visa reintroduction.
Anyway even if the decision should be taken between May and June the new dispositions should come in force in several months if not from next year.

Another news: President Yushenko sent back to the parliament the proposal of law obliging foreigners and stateless person to submit biometric data when apply for a visa starting from 2010.


Visa for Ukraine

The Ukrainian visa is NO required for citizens of:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Principality of Andorra, Principality of Liechtenstein, Principality of Monaco, Republic of Iceland, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The Holy See (State of the Vatican City), The Netherlands, The Swiss Confederation, United Kingdom, United States of America.

They are allowed to stay in Ukraine up to 90 days over a 180 day period holding a valid passport if the purpose of your journey is: tourism, private visit or business.
For different purposes (ex. immigration, work in Ukraine, etc) or, in general, longer stays visa is required.

No visas are required for citizens of Mongolia and the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (except Turkmenistan).

Further information

For the latest news consult the Ukrainian consulate in your country.


Possible re-introduction of the Visa regime for the citizen of EU, US and other countries.