Pocket calendar 2010 by Ukrlandia

We have realized a pocket calendar with the indication of the national holiday of Ukraine for the year 2010.

Pocket calendar 2010 by Ukrlandia

*The holidays falling on Saturday or Sunday are usually taken the very next working day.

You can chose what to print on the back of the calendar. So far are available 2 alternatives:

The first one is minded for frequent travelers.
It offers the timetable of the polit buses (Borispol – Kiev) and the contacts of the hotels close to the Boryspil airport.

Timetable autobus polit

The second one is a simple dictionary (Days of the week, Seasons and Months).

Ukrainian dictionary

You can download the calendar in pdf (Adobe Acrobat) right here:

Pocket calendar 2010 by Ukrlandia


You should be able to print the calendar with the wanted back side simply by choosing the pages to print (es. 1 and 3 for the dictionary) then by selecting, if available, the option “automatic duplex printing” for the automatic front rear printing.

If your printer doesn’t support such the automatic duplex, then try to print just the first page and then reuse the same page for to print the rear.