Rent a flat in Ukraine

List of web sites where it is possible to rent a flat.

Web sites which offer flats in different cities
(Kiev, Donetks, Lviv, Lugansk, Sevastopol, Simferopol etc..) (Yalta, Sevastopol, Evpatorya, Alupka, Alushta, Gaspra, Livadia, Koreiz, Kerch)
from 20 usd (Kharkiv, Kiev, Lviv, Odessa,  Sevastopol, Simferopol, Yalta)
from 27 usd
from 16 usd (Odessa, Nikolaev)
from 44 usd (Odesa, Kyiv, Kharkiv)
from 40 usd (Sevastopol, Alushta, Yalta)
from 35 usd
from 40 usd
from 40 usd
from 20 usd (Kharkiv, Odessa)
from 25 usd
from 40 usd (Kyiv, Odessa, Lvov, Kharkiv, Vinnitsa)
from 29 usd

Sites which offer apartments in specific cities

Kyiv, Kiev
from 300 hrn 60 usd
from 60 euro
from 55 usd
from 70 usd
from 40 usd
from 54 euro
from 47 euro Kyiv
from 53 usd

from 71 usd
from 50 usd
from 77 usd
from 70 usd
from 75 usd
from 70 usd
from 80 usd
from 60 usd (no pre payment)

from 145 usd
from 55 euro
from 36 euro

Odesa, Odessa
from 40
from 40 usd
from 60 usd
from 55 usd
from 50 usd
from 80 usd
from 55 usd

Dnipropetrovsk, Dnepropetrovsk
from 55 usd
from 45 usd
from 40 usd
from 40 euro

Lviv, Lvov
from 50 usd
from 45 usd
from 350 uah about 70 usd
from 150 uah

Mykolayiv, Nikolaiev
from 35 usd
from 45 usd
from 39 usd

60 usd

Kharkiv, Kahrkov
from 40 usd

from 45 usd

from 20 usd

Prices can vary from month to month. (low and high season)

All sites are in English.

There are many other sites on the net where it is possible to book a flat, if you want to add some new site you can post it as comment, we will check it and after if it is fine we will add it to the list.

Where to stay in Ukraine: Hotel vs flat

In Ukraine you can find a lot of good hotels where to stay but they may be not the best solution, especially if you don’t travel alone.

I suggest you to consider the idea to rent a flat instead to book an hotel’s room.
There are a plenty of companies which rent flats in many Ukrainian cities.

Everything you need to do is to give a look on the net, several weeks before your trip, and seek for words such as flats, Ukraine and so on…. in this way you will find a lot of sites where it is possible to rent a flat.
Or simply give a look to this post: Rent a flat in Ukraine.

Once you have found the right apartment, contact the company and find out if it is available for your dates.

If everything goes ok, they will may ask you to pay for the first day in advance (in general they ask to pay with credit card or using Western Union).
You will pay the other part once you will arrive in your flat. (a man or a woman will take the money and will give you the key).

About the location, everything depend on your wish, you can find flats in the main street as flats which are located not exactly in the center… Everything depend on the price.

The price of a flat can be between 20 and several hundred of dollars/day.
in average you can have a good flat (in the center) for 50 – 70 dollars (one room flat).

Payments are usually in Dollars or Hriyvna but sometimes they ask for Euro.

Good points

-You don’t pay for the number of people which will leave inside the flat but just for the flat itself.
-Flats are always bigger than any normal hotel’s room.
-You have a kitchen.
-The price can be also rather cheap especially if you travel not alone.

Bad points

-No breakfast and any other extra service which you can get in an hotel.
(some company provide some extra service, but in general you have to pay extra for it)
-Check in time, you can’t came when you want, you have to agree with the company.

Some advices

– When you find your flat, don’t hurry up to booking it immediately, try to look also on other sites, you may find the same identical flat for less.
– Bring with you the copy of you pre-payment.
– Book several weeks in advance, the best flats (the cheapest ones) are often already taken.

For to book a flat, visit:

List of sites where it is possible to rent a flat in Ukraine: