Pocket calendar 2010 by Ukrlandia

We have realized a pocket calendar with the indication of the national holiday of Ukraine for the year 2010.

Pocket calendar 2010 by Ukrlandia

*The holidays falling on Saturday or Sunday are usually taken the very next working day.

You can chose what to print on the back of the calendar. So far are available 2 alternatives:

The first one is minded for frequent travelers.
It offers the timetable of the polit buses (Borispol – Kiev) and the contacts of the hotels close to the Boryspil airport.

Timetable autobus polit

The second one is a simple dictionary (Days of the week, Seasons and Months).

Ukrainian dictionary

You can download the calendar in pdf (Adobe Acrobat) right here:

Pocket calendar 2010 by Ukrlandia


You should be able to print the calendar with the wanted back side simply by choosing the pages to print (es. 1 and 3 for the dictionary) then by selecting, if available, the option “automatic duplex printing” for the automatic front rear printing.

If your printer doesn’t support such the automatic duplex, then try to print just the first page and then reuse the same page for to print the rear.

Presidential election in Ukraine

Results of the presidential election in Ukraine. February 7th 2009.

Results region by region

Region Winner % Voters
Rep. Aut. Crimea Yanukovych 78.24% 1.049.591
Vinnyts’ka Tymoshenko 71.10% 938.232
Volyns’ka Tymoshenko 81.85% 600.853
Dnipropetrovs’ka Yanukovych 62.70% 1.840.682
Donets’ka Yanukovych 90.44% 2.692.815
Zhytomyrs’ka Tymoshenko 57.50% 704.776
Zakarpats’ka Tymoshenko 51.66% 541.245
Zaporiz’ka Yanukovych 71.50% 1.023.624
Ivano-Frankivs’ka Tymoshenko 88.89% 823.292
Kyivs’ka Tymoshenko 69.71% 973.261
Kirovohrads’ka Tymoshenko 54.66% 514.946
Luhans’ka Yanukovych 88.96% 1.391.437
L’vivs’ka Tymoshenko 86.20% 1.524.246
Mykolaivs’ka Yanukovych 71.53% 623.570
Odes’ka Yanukovych 74.14% 1.171.349
Poltavs’ka Tymoshenko 54.20% 816.534
Rivnens’ka Tymoshenko 76.24% 642.081
Sums’ka Tymoshenko 62.89% 640.101
Ternopil’s’ka Tymoshenko 88.39% 678.378
Kharkivs’ka Yanukovych 71.35% 1.509.246
Khersons’ka Yanukovych 59.98% 538.799
Khmel’nyts’ka Tymoshenko 69.74% 767.646
Cherkas’ka Tymoshenko 65.37% 702.144
Chernivets’ka Tymoshenko 66.47% 439.149
Chernihivs’ka Tymoshenko 63.63% 626.985
City of Kiev Tymoshenko 65.34% 1.462.070
City of Sevastopol Yanukovych 84.35% 211.258

Source: Central, Election, Commission, Ukraine

Results voters abroad

Votes % Total votes
Tymoshenko 60.57% 27.374
Yanukovych 33.96% 15.349

Source: Central, Election, Commission, Ukraine

For to know more

Commissione Centrale elettorale

Elections in Ukraine official results

First official results 100% of the votes:

1. Yanukovych 48.95%
2. Tymoshenko 45.47%

Source: Central, Election, Commission, Ukraine

NEWS: Tymoshenko called for a third round of elections.

Exit polls (margin of mistake 5%):

1. Yanukovych 48.7%
2. Tymoshenko 45.5%

Source: National exit polls

Ukrainian elections live, with a lot of detailed information:

Presidential 2010, results 1st round

Presidential elections of Ukraine. Results of the 1st round, 17 Jan. 2010.

1. Yanukovych 35.32%
2. Tymoshenko 25.05%
3. Tihipko 13.06%
4. Yatseniuk 6.96%
5. Yuschenko 5.45%
6. Symonenko 3.55%
7. Lytvyn 2.35%
8. PROTY VSIKH (against all) 2.2%
9. Tiahnybok 1.43%
10. Hrytsenko 1.2%
11. Bohoslovs’ka 0.41%
12. Moroz 0.38%
13. Kostenko 0.22%
14. Suprun 0.19%
15. Protyvsikh V. 0.16%
16. Pabat 0.14%
17. Ratushniak 0.12%
18. Brods’kyi 0.06%
19. Riabokon’ 0.03%

On February 7th, will take place the 2nd round between Yanukovych and Tymoshenko.


In Ukraine is also possible to vote against all, proty vsikh… and not few people voted in this way (2.2%).
Among all the candidates there is one, number 15, which surname is right Protyvsikh 😀

Ukrainian cities

List of the main Ukrainian cities with their names written in Russian and in Ukrainian.

Russian names

Ukrainian names

Kiev (Киев) Kyiv (Київ)
Sevastopol’ (Севастополь) Sevastopol’ (Севастополь)
Borispol’ (Борисполь) Boryspil’ (Бориспіль)
Cherkassy (Черкассы) Cherkasy (Черкаси)
Chernovtsy (Черновцы) Chernivtsi (Чернівці)
Chernigov (Чернигов) Chernigiv (Чернігів)
Dnepropetrovsk (Днепропетровск) Dnipropetrovsk (Дніпропетровск)
Donetsk (Донецк) Donets’k (Донецьк)
Khar’kov (Харьков) Kharkiv (Харків)
Kherson (Херсон) Kherson (Херсон)
Khmnel’nitskiy (Хмнельницкий) Khmnel’nyts’kyi (Хмнельницький)
Kirovograd (Кировоград) Kirovograd (Кіровоград)
Lugansk (Луганск) Lugans’k (Луганськ)
Lutsk (Луцк) Luts’k (Луцьк)
L’vov (Львов) L’viv (Львів)
Nikolayev (Николаев) Mykolaiv (Миколаїв)
Odessa (Одесса) Odesa (Одеса)
Poltava (Полтава) Poltava (Полтава)
Rovno (Ровно) Rivne (Рівне)
Simferopol’ (Симферополь) Simferopol’ (Сімферополь)
Sumy (Сумы) Sumy (Суми)
Ternopol’ (Тернополь) Ternopil’ (Тернопіль)
Uzhgorod (Ужгород) Uzhgorod (Ужгород)
Vinnitsa (Винница) Vinnytsa (Вінница)
Zaporozh’e (Запорожье) Zaporizhzhia (Запоріжжя)
Zhitomir (Житомир) Zhytomyr (Житомир)