Ukrainian and Russian TV online

Several Ukrainian and Russian channels offer on their web sites the possibility to watch live their programs.

Tv channels with online streaming

Ukrainian channels

– Интер (Inter)

– K1


Russian channels

– RT (English)

– PALI Television

– Smile of a Child TV



Official sites of the other channels

These sites doesn’t offer live broadcasting but only some video and information about their programs.


– 1+1
– 2+2
– @Music
– Донбас ТВ
-е фільм
– Интер+
– K2
– M
– MTV Ukraine
– Подробности
– Футбол
– Україна
– Энтер


– Вести
– Мать и Дитя
– Music Box
– Первый канал (Channel 1 Russia) (Europe)
– РТР Планета

Some of these channels offer live streaming only if you are in Russia (ex. Channel 1 Russia)


There are specific applications which allow to watch some of these channels (ex. Vesti5 Channel)
Others are simply available directly from Safari (ex. Интер)

Ukrainian newspapers in English language

In Ukraine there are not only newspapers in Russian and Ukrainian language. There are some few of them which are also available in English.

On this post we will talk about:

– Kyiv post
– Kyiv weekly or
– Business Ukraine
– Meridian and Panorama

All these newspaper speak about Ukraine one a wide range of topics.

Possible that exist even other ones but so far these are the ones we know.
(if you know some more, pls write us. Comment or email)

Kyiv post

This is probably the most famous English newspaper of Ukraine.

It is available only in English and has the shape of a true newspaper. In the past was printed in color but nowadays is just printed in black and white (probable effect of the crisis).

On the Kyiv post is possible to find also ads about Real estate, Jobs and personal ads from normal people.

The most beautiful thing of this newspaper is, from our point of view, the web site where it is possible to read articles, guides find photos and share your opinions (there is also a forum).
This is for sure the best site where to find information about Ukraine in English language.

Web site

Price and subscription

If you want to make a subscription you can chose to get a paper copy or just to get it through the net.
For to know about subscription read:

When it is issued

Every week on Friday

Kyiv weekly or

On the contrary of the Kyiv post this magazine is multi-language. Each copy of it is issued in two language: English – Russian or English – Ukrainian. Half of the magazine is in one language and the other half is in English.

The articles are not always identical so it is possible to find an article in Russian but the same article may be not present on the English side and the opposite.

Anyway it is still a nice way for to lear Russian or Ukrainian.

The Kyiv weekly was before issued in the shape of newspaper but nowadays it changed and became a true magazine and it is called

From our point of view this magazine is better than the Kyiv post, we like that is printed in color and the possibility to learn also some Russian and Ukrainian word.

In general the magazine is really very nice and also cheaper than the Kyiv post.

Also the Kyiv weekly is available online but the web site is not as good as the one of the Kyiv post.

Web site


One copy was costing: 2.15 UAH (anyway price may have increased)
It is also possible to make a subscription:

When it is issued

Every week on Thursday.

Business Ukraine

This is another magazine, and despite of the title is not completely focused on economy but it is also possible to read about other different topics.

To say the truth We don’t know so much about this magazine since we met it for the first time at the airport as free copy before to come inside the plane. We really liked it.

Its website, doesn’t look up to date… anyway if you are in Ukraine you can try to find it in some newsstand.

In future we hope to find some more information about it.

Web site

Meridian and Panorama

These two magazines are offered by national airlines, and you can read them while you fly with Aerosvit or Donbass aero (Meridian) and Ukrainian international airline (Panorama).

These magazines are free of charge and are issued in English and Ukrainian. They speak in general about traveling and give some extra information about the airline company and its routes.

They are very useful for to learn Ukrainian since the text in English is just after the text in Ukrainian.

You can find these magazines not only onboard but also in the offices of these companies (for ex. when you want to buy a ticket)

ZAGS in Donetsk

ZAGS ЗАГС are administrative offices where, between the other things, it is possible to make the documents for to get marry and the marriage itself.

These offices are divided according to the administrative division of the city.
A person who live in a particular department should go to the ZAGS of the same area.

List of the ZAGS present in Donetsk:

Budennovskiy ZAGS Буденновский ЗАГС

street: Proletarskaya Пролетарская, 9 (this address is not more correct)
NEW address: ul. Gur’evskaya ул. Гурьевская 1
phone: +380622032347

Dvorets brakosochetaniy Дворец бракосочетаний

street: Postysheva Постышева, 32
phone: +380623054593

Kalininskiy ZAGS Калининский ЗАГС

street: b. Shevchenko, б. Шевченко, 52
phone: +380622950443

Kiyevskiy ZAGS Киевский ЗАГС

street: Artema Артема, 138
phone: +380622539042

Kirovskiy ZAGS Кировский ЗАГС

street: Karla Marksa Карла Маркса, 8
phone: +380622770585

Kuybyshevskiy ZAGS Куйбышевский ЗАГС

street: Yermolaya Zhukova Ермолая Жукова 56
phone: +380622539042

Leninskiy ZAGS Ленинский ЗАГС

street: Kuybysheva Куйбышева, 23
phone: +380622660633

Petrovskiy ZAGS Петровский ЗАГС

street: Kompozitorov Композиторов, 26
phone: +380622765189

Proletarskiy ZAGS Пролетарский ЗАГС

street: Bol’shaya Magistral’naya Большая Магистральная, 12
phone: +380622220271

Dialing Codes Ukraine (A-I)

—A (А)—
Alupka Алупка 0654
Alushta Алушта 06560
Alchevsk Алчевск 06442
Amvrosievka Амвросиевка 06259
Anan’ev Ананьев 04863
Artemovsk Артемовск 06274
—Б (B)—
Bar Бар 043410
Baryshevka Барышевка 04576
Bahmach Бахмач 04635
Bahchisaray Бахчисарай 06554
Berdichev Бердичев 04143
Berdyansk Бердянск 06153
Berezhani Бережаны 03548
Berislav Берислав 05546
Belaya Tserkov’ Белая Церковь 04563
Belgorod-Dnestrovsk Белгород-Днестровск 04849
Belogor’e Белогорье 03841
Bobrovitsa Бобровица 04632
Bogoduhov Богодухов 05758
Boguslav Богуслав 04561
Borislav Борислав 03248
Borispol’ Борисполь 04595
Brodianka Бородянка 04577
Boyarka Боярка 04598
Brovari Бровари 04594
Brusilov Брусилов 04162
—В (V)—
Vasil’kov Васильков 04571
Verhovina Верховина 03432
Vinnitsa Винница 043
Vizhnitsa Вижница 03730
Voznesensk Вознесенск 05134
Volodarka Володарка 04569
Vladimir-Volinskii Владимир-Волынский 03342
—Г (G)—
Gadyach Гадяч 05354
Gaivoron Гайворон 05254
Gaisin Гайсин 04334
Galich Галич 04334
Genichesk Геническ 05534
Gluhov Глухов 0544
Golaya Pristan’ Голая Пристань 05539
Gorlovka Горловка 06242
Gorodische Городище 04734
Goscha Гоща 03650
Grebinka Гребинка 05359
Gurzuf Гурзуф 0654
—Д (D)—
Dnepropetrovsk Днепропетровск 052
Donetsk Донецк 062
Debal’tseve Дебальцеве 06249
Dzhankoi Джанкой 06564
Dikan’ka Диканька 05351
Dneprodzerzhinsk Днепродзержинск 05692
Dnepropudnoe Днепропудное 06175
Drogobich Дрогобич 03244
Dubno Дубно 03556
—Е (E)—
Evpatoriya Евпатория 06569
Enakiebo Енакиево 06252
—Ж (Zh)—
Zhitomir Житомир 041
Zhashkov Жашков 04747
Zhmerinka Жмеринка 04332
Zheltye Vody Желтые Воды 05652
—З (Z)—
Zaporozh’e Запорожье 061
Zvernigopodka Звенигородка 04740
Zdolbunov Здолбунов 0365
Znamyanka Знамянка 05233
Zolotonosha Золотоноша 04737
—И (I)—
Ivano-Frankovsk Ивано-Франковск 034
Izmail Измаил 04841
Izyum Изюм 05743
Izaslav Изаслав 03852
IIrpen’ Ирпень 04597

Other Ukrainian dialing codes:

Dialing codes (K – P):

Dialing codes (R – Ya):

Dialing Codes Ukraine (K – P)

—К (K)—
Kiev Киев 044
Kirovograd Кировоград 052
Kagarlyk Кагарлык 04573
Kalinovka Калиновка 04333
Kamyanka Камянка 04732
Kanev Канев 04736
Kakhovka Каховка 05536
Kerch Керч 05661
Kobelyachi Кобелячи 05343
Kobel’ Ковель 03352
Kogima Когима 04867
Kozelets Козелец 04646
Kolomyya Коломыя 03433
Konotop Конотоп 05447
Korets Корец 03651
Korosten’ Коростень 04142
Korostyshev Коростышев 04130
Koryukovka Корюковка 04657
Krivoi Rog Кривой Рог 0564
—Л (L)—
Lebedin Лебедин 05445
Livadiya Ливадия 0654
Lipobets Липовец 04358
Lisichansk Липсичанск 06451
Lugansk Луганск 064
Lutsk Луцк 033
Lvov Львов 032
Lyubar Любар 04147
—М (M)—
Makarov Макаров 04578
Makeevka Макеевка 06232
Marganets Марганец 05665
Mariuopol’ Мариуополь 0629
Khartsizsk Харцизск 06257
Malin Малин 04133
Masandra Масандра 0654
Melitopol’ Мелитополь 06142
Mena Мена 04644
Mirgorod Миргород 05355
Mirinovka Мироновка 04574
Mezhgor’e Межгорье 03146
Monastyrische Монастырище 04746
Morshin Моршин 032606
Mukachevo Мукачево 03131
—Н (N)—
Narodichi Народичи 04141
Nezhnyn Нежнын 04631
Nemirov Немиров 04331
Nikolaev Николаев 051
Nikopol’ Никополь 05662
—О (O)—
Odessa Одесса 048
Obukhov Обухов 04572
Orekhov Орехов 06141
Okhtyvka Охтырка 05446
Ochakov Очаков 05154
—П (P)—
Poltava Полтава 053
Pavlograd Павлоград 05672
Pervomaiskoe Первомайское 06552
Pervomaiskii Первомайский 05748
Piryatin Пирятин 05358
Priluki Прилуки 04637
Putivl’ Путивль 05442

Other Ukrainian dialing codes:

Dialing codes (A – I):

Dialing codes (R – Ya):