How to: Donetsk Airport International arrivals

Once you get out of the plane, you will find a bus waiting for you; this bus will bring you to the entrance for international arrivals.

You will arrive in a room (much smaller than the one in Kyiv Boryspil) where you have to pass the passport control.
If you don’t have already the Immigration card, you can find a copy of it in this room, in general they are on the left, next to the wall.

Once you have passed the passport control, you have to turn on the left and well you should find your bag there, either on the floor or still on the track.
(Here there is not baggage claim as in Boryspil, everything is done by hand).

Finally with your bag, you have to pass the customs control and then passing through a door you will find yourself at the first floor (the hall) of the airport; here you will see people waiting for their dears and several taxi drivers anxious to bring you where you wish. Few step more and you will be outside of the terminal.

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