Call almost for free from abroad to Ukrainian mobile phones

If you are abroad and you need to call Ukraine give a look to this service offered by life:)

Promotion not more available. When we will get some new info, we will update the page.

“Free World

With it you will be able to make free calls, through a java application, to any Life:) subscriber for a max of 500 minutes in a period of 30 days.

The activation cost is 25 uah.

For to use this promotion you need:
1 an internet access.
2 a Life:) sim card or a virtual phone number.
3 a recharge of at least 25 uah.

For to activate this promotion (and a virtual number if you don’t have a life:) sim card)
visit this site:

For to call abroad from Ukraine at only 1,20 uah/min, give a look to this post:

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