Free SMS to Ukraine

There are several providers in Ukraine which allow people to send free SMS to their subscribers through their web sites.

Here a list of such sites sorted by provider.
(these numbers are the ones which comes after +38)

work only with numbers that start with: 067, 098, 097, 096, 039, 063, 093, 068
max 100 sms/day

MTS (ex. UMC, Jeans)
work only with numbers that start with: 050, 066, 095, 099

Require registration.
work only with numbers that start with: 068, 039, 063, 093, 067, 096, 097, 098

NEW! free.
You can send a max of 3 SMS and MMS / day.
Works with: 063 and 093.

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4 Responses to “Free SMS to Ukraine”

  1. masoud says:

    could you explane how is it possible to call life nomber by internet???

  2. Greenissimo says:

    For to call a life number by net, read this post:

    In few words activate the promotion “Free world” and then
    you can call using the java application which is on the life site (launch web-client)

  3. Адриан says:

    Молодец конечно! Целиком и полностью поддерживаю! 🙂

  4. Greenissimo says:

    Finally it is possible to send free SMS and MMS through the web site of life:).