Free Ukrainian and Russian transliterators

We are glad to announce the realize of a small software developed by us in Flash which will allow everybody to transliterate the Ukrainian language in Latin characters.

We developed two versions of it:

UKR:)landia transliterator v4.1 .beta Ukrainian NEW!

An Ukrainian – Latin transliterator with large text field and most of all a virtual Cyrillic Keyboard.

UKR:)landia transliterator v4.1 .beta Russian NEW!

The same as before but for the Russian language

The Ukrainian transliterator adopt the Official transliteration system of the Ukrainian language.

The Russian one adopt the BGN/PCGN transliteration system.

Since it is in Flash, it is possible to use it from almost every computer no matter the operating system (Window XP, Mac, Linux…)

The version 4.1 is available online at this link:

UKR:)landia transliterator v4.1 .beta Ukrainian
UKR:)landia transliterator v4.1 .beta Russian

Soon we will publish the links where you can download them to your computer.

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