Wedding in Ukraine, Nulla osta

For to celebrate the wedding in Ukraine, you need to do several steps, first of all you need to get the Nulla osta from the Italian Embassy in Kiev.

— Important Update! —

Seems that the documents of the Ukrainian citizen are not more required for the issue of the Nulla osta.
Instead of them should be enough a copy of the passport.
For the Italian citizen nothing has changed.


The Italian citizen should bring:

1 Certificato cumulativo o contesteuale (residenza + stato libero + cittadinanza) rilasciato dal Comune di Residenza  o,  per chi risiede all’estero,  dal Comune Italiano di iscrizione A.I.R.E.

2 Copia integrale dell’atto di nascita o estratto per riassunto dell’atto di nascita rilasciato dal Comune di nascita o, per chi nato all’estero, dal Comune italiano dove è stato trascritto.

Once you have gotten this 2 documents you don’t need to do anything else. Apostille is not required!

The Ukrainian citizen should simply bring her passport and a copy of it.

—- Documents not more required —–

You need to get first of all these 3 documents:

1 Certificate of birth
2 Application which proves you are not married
3 Official document from the place of residence

1 Certificate of birth

As for the certificate of birth, it should be the new version, that is given by Ukraine in Ukrainian language.

All citizens of Ukraine who were born in former USSR should receive new copy of certificate of birth in ZAGS (Registry of Births, Marriages and Deaths) corresponding to their original place of birth.

With new copy of birth certificate a person should go to RAGS and put a stamp on it.
(in Donetsk is: Lagutenko, 12. phone: +380623357622)

2 Application which proves you are not married

To have an application which proves that a person is not married it is needed to visit any public or private notary with the passport and original copy of identification code and write such an application.

3 Official document from the place of residence

To have an official document from the place of residence you need to perform the following actions:

3.1 Visit municipal housing committee office Zhek ЖЭК and receive a certificate about all members of your family who officially registered in your place of residence.

3.2 Visit address-inquiry office of your city ADRYESNO-SPRAVONOYE BYURO UMVD UKRAINY АДРЕСНО-СПРАВОЧНОЕ БЮРО УМВД УКРАИНЫ (in Donetsk is: ul. Generala Antonova, 1. phone +380623384124) and receive a confirmation that you really registered in your place of living.
A person should have with him an original passport and a copy of it (which is needed to give to office).

3.3 With 2 above mentioned documents + passport, you should visit the OVIR ОВИР, regional visa and registration office, of your city. (in Donetsk is: ul. Khodokovskogo, 10) Write a petition and receive necessary document, which is called “Dovidka pro rehystratsiiu z mistsia prozhyvannia Довідка про регистрацію з місця проживання”.

All 3 documents should be translated into Italian language, with apostille and legalized, that why it is better to give these document to a specialized translation agency.

Required time: 2-3 weeks.


Once you have all documents (Italian and Ukrainian) you can go to the Italian Embassy in Kiev and finally get your Nulla Osta (which is issued immediately).

Time for the issue: 20-30 minutes.
Price: 40 Hryvnia (about 4 euro)


We try our best for to keep our information correct and up to date.
Anyway, for to be sure 100% we suggest you to contact the embassy.

Wedding procedures

1 For the list of documents given by the Italian Embassy in Kiev (in Italian) visit:

2 What to do once you have gotten your nulla osta:

3 For to know which documents bring to the ZAGS:

4 Fill out the wedding request form at the ZAGS (translated in English):

Wedding procedures:

1 For the list of documents given by the Italian Embassy in Kiev visit: (in Italian)

2 How to get the Nulla osta from the embassy:

3 What to do once you have gotten your nulla osta:

4 For to know which documents bring to the ZAGS:

5 The wedding day

6 Legalization and translation of the wedding certificate:

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4 Responses to “Wedding in Ukraine, Nulla osta”

  1. irina says:

    Could you please specify if we need to make an appointment in the Ambassy when we bring the documents for the Nulla Osta? And is it true that we can receive nulla osta the same day we gave the documents for it?
    thank you!

  2. Greenissimo says:

    You don’t need any appointment, just go there at the time written on the site of the Italian embassy.
    And as we told you before, the Nulla Osta will be given during the same morning.

    We were able to do everything in one day: Nulla osta and legalization of it.

  3. irina says:

    thank you, i am sorry if i am too insistant but we are a bit worried as we live abroad, not even in another city, and we will have only two days in Kiev to finish this first step, then we will have to leave in my city to go to Zags….
    thank you for this site, it is very informative and precise!

  4. Greenissimo says:

    It is a pleasure to be helpful:)