How to: Organize your holidays in Ukraine

Several advices for to help you to organize your holidays if you plan to pass them with your Ukrainian friends or relatives.

First of all where to stay in Ukraine or in your country?

– For to go to Ukraine, if you are an EU or US citizen you don’t need any visa for to visit Ukraine for a max of 90 within a period of 180 days. The same rules apply to several other countries.

– For to make your Ukrainian friends or relatives come to you, they may need to apply for a visa. For sure they need visa for to come inside the Shenghen area and to the US/Canada. To apply for a visa is not always very easy, you need to give several documents and it is also possible that the visa is refused. Moreover the embassies/consulates are often only in Kiev.

So, the easiest way is to come to Ukraine. You will be not disappointed, Ukraine is really a beautiful country.

Some of the places you should not miss:

– touristic cities: Kiev, Lviv, Odesa, Sevastopol (Crimea)
– Crimea: shores, mountains, and historical places.
– The Carpathian region: the beauty of the Ukrainian wild nature
– other: Sviatogorsk (Donetsk oblast), Sofiivs’kyi park (next to Uman)

For sure for you it will be very interesting but maybe for your dears can be a bit boring if they have already seen all this places…

So you can try to do in this way:
Come to Ukraine, and then depart together with your friends, relatives to another country where to spend all together the holidays.

How to do?

You can book your trip through an Ukrainian travel agency. (just as you would do in your country)

Where to go:

Are very popular all those warm countries such as: Turkey (Antalya, Dalaman, Bodrum, Istanbul) and Egypt (Sharm El-Sheik e Hurgada).

These countries don’t make any problem in giving visa. It is issued under payment directly at the airport of destination.
The price of the visa vary according to your nationality, some countries don’t need visa (ex. Germans and Italians don’t need visa for Turkey) anyway the sum is around 15-20 dollar for Ukrainian citizens.

For this summer, Croatia decided to suspend the visa regime for Ukrainian citizens, read:

Where to find other information:

We suggest you to visit the web sites of the major tour operators:
Some of them are:

Karya tour

The main area of the site is where you can seek for your trip and get all possible details of your holiday. You need to select days, place and hotel and you will get prices and availability.

Here is the site of a travel agency in Donetsk, on this site you can find some useful information for to plan your trip and also to book it if you like:



– The prices for foreigners are in general the same which are asked to Ukrainian. This change if you want to go to Russia, there you will be asked to pay more for to visit museums and so on.

– You will be asked by the travel agency to give just a xerox of your passport. The insurance which is given with they holiday package is valid also for foreigners.

– In general prices include also the flights. The departure is from Ukraine, the city change according to the preference and the availability. The planes change according to the air company.

Anyway are Ukrainian air companies such as: Aerosvit, Donbassaero, UIA, Dniproavia.
(UIA and Aerosvit have regular flight to many European cities and also to Canada and the USA)

We had the possibility to fly with Donbassaero, Aerosvit and UIA. The planes we tried were ok. (airbus and boeing)

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