How to: iphone in Ukraine

In this article we try to give some advice for people who want to use their iphone in Ukraine.

Ukrianian and Russian layout

First thing you may want to do is to add the Ukrainian / Russian layout to your iphone. In this way you can send Cyrillic SMS.

Follow this steps:

1 Go inside “Settings” and select “General” then “Keyboard”
2 Inside “Keyboard” select “International Keyboards”
3 Here turn ON Russian and Ukrainian
4 Press the Home button and you are done.

Now you will be able to switch between all layouts when you type some text by clicking on the small “Sphere button” that you can find next to the one for to switch to numbers.

Phone and the net

The best thing you can do, as always, is to remove your national sim card and to use a local one, for our point of view life:) offers the best tariff, see post.

Of course you can switch if your national provider doesn’t give some restriction in the use of your iphone.

We tried life:) on our iphone and it works without any problem. Both phone and net.

Now lets see the ways for to connect to the net.

Wireless connection

With the wireless you can try to find some hot spot in the main public places such as main squares, bar – restaurants, airports, trade centers, etc
Many hotels and some flats for rent offer the same service.

Cellular connection, 3G, EDGE, GPRS

If you were able to use a life:) sim card try this:

life:) internet

You can surf for a max of 100, 350, 1000MB every month by paying these tariffs:

1GB at 90 Hryvnia
350MB at 60 Hryvnia
100MB at 30 Hryvnia

One fast way for to activate it:

Send a SMS with this text 1000 ON to the number 125
and then follow the instructions.

At the place of 1000 you can put 350 or 100 as you prefer.

For to deactivate it:
Send an identical SMS to the same number with OFF at the place of ON.

for to know more about this service visit:


For to use it with your Iphone you should write in the APN setting: INTERNET
And to check how many MB left, dial *111#

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One Response to “How to: iphone in Ukraine”

  1. rcfa says:

    I have a jailbroken and unlocked original iPhone. Today I got a new Life:) SIM card, enabled internet, etc. everything worked, EXCEPT the most important things: I could not receive and make calls.

    It turns out that for some reason under Settings > Phone > My Number showed up as “380 nn nnn nn nn” and after I corrected it for mostly cosmetic reasons to “+380 nn nnn nn nn” receiving and placing calls suddenly started to work.

    So, if you should have an issue with placing calls, check that setting…