How to: Luggage deposit at the Kiev railway station

At the Kiev railway station, as in the all the main stations, it is possible to find a luggage deposit.

It is located underground and it is possible to get there from the underpass close to the station entrance (old side). See the photo.

Luggage room, Kiev railway station

From here you will get inside a long corridor with several “windows” where you can give your luggage and then take it back.

Before to leave your baggage, you must pay at the cashiers. (see photo)

Casher luggage room, Kiev raylway stationcashiers

18 Hryvnia / day

Luggage roomone of the deposit windows

Once you have paid, go to the window and show the payment quittance. The man will take your luggage and will give you back some kind of plastic receipt which you will need to give back when you will take back your luggage.

Many people use this service so be ready for the possible queue.

A better way

If you don’t have a big baggage with you, you may try of this alternative system.

Go along the corridor until you will see this door:

To the safety boxes

From here you will get in a different area where it is possible to rent for several hours a safety box.

Safety boxes, Kiev railway stationthe corridor with the safety boxes

Pay at the cashiers (not the previous one), the woman will give you a token to use for to activate the safety box.

Casher safety boxes, Kiev raylway stationsafety box cashiers

12 Hryvnia
The system work in this way:

1 Find an unused safety box (opened)
2 Write down the number of your safety box
3 Put the luggage inside your box
4 Insert the token
5 Setup a combination, 1 Cyrillic letter and 2 numbers
6 Close the door

Safety box, Kiev railway station

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