Presidential election in Ukraine

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Results of the presidential election in Ukraine. February 7th 2009.

Results region by region

Region Winner % Voters
Rep. Aut. Crimea Yanukovych 78.24% 1.049.591
Vinnyts’ka Tymoshenko 71.10% 938.232
Volyns’ka Tymoshenko 81.85% 600.853
Dnipropetrovs’ka Yanukovych 62.70% 1.840.682
Donets’ka Yanukovych 90.44% 2.692.815
Zhytomyrs’ka Tymoshenko 57.50% 704.776
Zakarpats’ka Tymoshenko 51.66% 541.245
Zaporiz’ka Yanukovych 71.50% 1.023.624
Ivano-Frankivs’ka Tymoshenko 88.89% 823.292
Kyivs’ka Tymoshenko 69.71% 973.261
Kirovohrads’ka Tymoshenko 54.66% 514.946
Luhans’ka Yanukovych 88.96% 1.391.437
L’vivs’ka Tymoshenko 86.20% 1.524.246
Mykolaivs’ka Yanukovych 71.53% 623.570
Odes’ka Yanukovych 74.14% 1.171.349
Poltavs’ka Tymoshenko 54.20% 816.534
Rivnens’ka Tymoshenko 76.24% 642.081
Sums’ka Tymoshenko 62.89% 640.101
Ternopil’s’ka Tymoshenko 88.39% 678.378
Kharkivs’ka Yanukovych 71.35% 1.509.246
Khersons’ka Yanukovych 59.98% 538.799
Khmel’nyts’ka Tymoshenko 69.74% 767.646
Cherkas’ka Tymoshenko 65.37% 702.144
Chernivets’ka Tymoshenko 66.47% 439.149
Chernihivs’ka Tymoshenko 63.63% 626.985
City of Kiev Tymoshenko 65.34% 1.462.070
City of Sevastopol Yanukovych 84.35% 211.258

Source: Central, Election, Commission, Ukraine

Results voters abroad

Votes % Total votes
Tymoshenko 60.57% 27.374
Yanukovych 33.96% 15.349

Source: Central, Election, Commission, Ukraine

For to know more

Commissione Centrale elettorale

Elections in Ukraine official results

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First official results 100% of the votes:

1. Yanukovych 48.95%
2. Tymoshenko 45.47%

Source: Central, Election, Commission, Ukraine

NEWS: Tymoshenko called for a third round of elections.

Exit polls (margin of mistake 5%):

1. Yanukovych 48.7%
2. Tymoshenko 45.5%

Source: National exit polls

Ukrainian elections live, with a lot of detailed information:

Presidential 2010, results 1st round

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Presidential elections of Ukraine. Results of the 1st round, 17 Jan. 2010.

1. Yanukovych 35.32%
2. Tymoshenko 25.05%
3. Tihipko 13.06%
4. Yatseniuk 6.96%
5. Yuschenko 5.45%
6. Symonenko 3.55%
7. Lytvyn 2.35%
8. PROTY VSIKH (against all) 2.2%
9. Tiahnybok 1.43%
10. Hrytsenko 1.2%
11. Bohoslovs’ka 0.41%
12. Moroz 0.38%
13. Kostenko 0.22%
14. Suprun 0.19%
15. Protyvsikh V. 0.16%
16. Pabat 0.14%
17. Ratushniak 0.12%
18. Brods’kyi 0.06%
19. Riabokon’ 0.03%

On February 7th, will take place the 2nd round between Yanukovych and Tymoshenko.


In Ukraine is also possible to vote against all, proty vsikh… and not few people voted in this way (2.2%).
Among all the candidates there is one, number 15, which surname is right Protyvsikh 😀

Train in Ukraine: Stolychnyi ekspres (столичний експрес)

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In Ukraine there are also trains which are more similar to our intercities than to a standard elektrichas. These trains are called Stolychnyi ekspres (столичний експрес) and they connect Kyiv with Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk.

They are composed by wagon of first and second class with only sitting places divided in compartment of 6 places (we tried only the first class).

Stolychnyi ekspres Kyiv – Kharkiv

Locomotiv Siemens. Train Kyiv - KharkivLocomotiv Siemens. Train Kyiv – Kharkiv

Locomotiv stolychnyi ekspresLocomotiv stolychnyi ekspres

Train Kyiv - KharkivTrain Kyiv – Kharkiv

Stolychnyi ekspres, waiting at the Kyiv's stationStolychnyi ekspres, waiting at the Kyiv’s station

Wagon of the train Kyiv - KharkivWagon of the train Kyiv – Kharkiv

Stolychnyi ekspres Kyiv – Dnipropetrovsk

Train Kiev - DnipropetrovskTrain Kiev – Dnipropetrovsk

Stolichniy-express to DnipropetrovskStolichniy-express to Dnipropetrovsk

Inside wagons

First class wagons are quite clean and offer a good comfort.

Corridor train Kyiv - DnipropetrovskCorridor train Kyiv – Dnipropetrovsk

Corridor first class wagon, stolychnyi ekspresCorridor first class wagon, stolychnyi ekspres

The are equipped with very nice reclining seats and in the middle of the compartment there is also a small table.

Compartment of the train Kyiv - DnipropetrovskCompartment of the train Kyiv – Dnipropetrovsk

As in the “renewed” wagons, there is a control panel (lights, radio, wc status and AC plug).

The control panel inside the compartmentThe control panel inside the compartment

In each compartment there are 2 monitors where is possible to watch movies in Russian language.

One of the monitors, train Kyiv - DnipropetrovskOne of the monitors, train Kyiv – Dnipropetrovsk

Toilets of the train

There are 2 WC for each wagon and, at least in the first class, they look even better that the ones available on the renewed sleeping cars. They look very clean and have also a dispenser of hygienic paper covering for WC.

Toilet of the train Kyiv - DnipropetrovskToilet of the train Kyiv – Dnipropetrovsk

WC of the train Kyiv - DnipropetrovskWC of the train Kyiv – Dnipropetrovsk

Price of the tickets

First class tickets are quite expensive if compared with the elekrickas’ ones. Anyway it is possible to feel the difference.
The first class during our trip was almost empty.

One way ticket for the route Kyiv – Kharkiv
1 class: 176.17 UAH
2 class: 104.43 UAH

Videos of Ukrainian trains

Train “Zakarpattia” departing from Kiev:

Freight train in Donetsk:

Other kind of Ukrainian trains

Elektrichka (Электричка) or Elektropoezd

Overnight trains

Train timetable (site in Russian and Ukrainian)

How to: Call from a landline phone in Ukraine (New rules Oct. 14th 09)

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If you are in Ukraine and you want to call somebody using a land line telephone, you will need to follow a specific syntax for to dial the number.

NEW Rules

Since October 14th, the rules for to call within Ukraine and from Ukraine to abroad changed.
In this way the new syntax is more similar to the one of western European countries.

To call a different oblast, you don’t need anymore to dial 8 before the area code. The same happen if you want to call a mobile phone.
For to call abroad simply dial 0 before the country code at the place of the old 8 10.

Another change concern the area code of the Kiev oblast. The prefix change from 044 t0 045.
The city of Kiev stay with the old 044.

Local calls

Dial the number without area code.
ex.: if you are in Kiev and you want to call within the city, dial the number without 044.

Calls outside the city

Dial: (area code) number.
ex.: for to call Donetsk: 062 followed by the number.

International calls

Dial: 0 and wait for the beep then dial (country code) (area code)  number.
ex.: for to call Milan: 0 03902 followed by the number.

Mobile phone (within Ukraine)

Dial: full number starting from the 0 and not from the 8.

es.: if the number is 8093… simply dial 093.

Call costs

Lets see how much costs to call from a land line phone in Ukraine, the following rates are the ones of Ukrtelecom.

Local calls

A particular number of minutes is included in the account, you pay a fixed amount of money every month and you get several free minutes of conversation. When you pass the number of free minutes, you will have to pay few Kopiykas for each minute of conversation.

ex. of rate:

19,73 Hryvnia for a max of 200 min/month.
Between 200 and 840 minutes you have to pay 5,4 Kopiykas/minute.
After this limit you will pay for each extra minute 3,78 Kopiykas.

So if you want make a call within the city from your hotel or a rented flat, it should be free. For us it was exactly in this way. (anyway ask before to call)


Calls outside the city

There are two different rates, one for the calls placed inside the oblast’ and another one for all the other ones no matter how far is the tow you want to call.


Calls within the oblast’

-working days
8-18: 0,48 Hryvnia
18-23: 0,29 Hryvnia
23-8: 0,24 Hryvnia

-Saturday, Sunday and holidays
0,18 Hryvnia (all day long)

Outside the oblast’

-working days
8-18: 0,60 Hryvnia
18-23: 0,42 Hryvnia
23-8: 0,36 Hryvnia

-Saturday, Sunday and holidays
0,34 Hryvnia (all day long)


International calls

The rate vary according to the country you want to call and by the daytime of your call
The countries are devided in 7 areas. All prices are in USD.

Rates for to call the USA and Canada
area 4, North America

8-18: 0,36 USD
18-8 and holidays: 0,29 USD

Rates for to call Great Britain
area 6, western and central Europe, Oceania, Africa, Asia etc…
(almost the most expensive area)

8-18: 0,60 USD
18-8 and holidays: 0,48 USD

The same rates apply also for to call mobile subscribers.