How to: Recharge an Ukrainian mobile phone

Once in Ukraine, the best way is to buy a local sim card for you mobile phone, in this way you can really save a lot of money for to call inside and outside the country.

There is no need to make an account for to use such sim cards, the best way is to take a rechargeable card.

Time to time you will have to refill your credit and so buy a recharge.
For to do so, you can buy a scratch card, there are different sizes of recharge from about 10 until 500 UAH.

In general you will need to pay 1 extra Hryvnia, so the recharge of 25 will cost 26 UAH

On the scratch card you will fine a code which you need to put on your phone using this procedure: (this apply to life:) sim card, for other providers follow the instruction you should find on the scratch card)

Dial on your mobile phone: *111*your recharge code# press then call.

For to check how much money you have, dial: *111#

Why we speak about life:) and not about other providers, for the simple reason that for a foreigner it gives the best tariffs for to call abroad.

See the post about how to call for 1,20 UAH to your home country from Ukraine

Another way for to recharge is to do it directly from one of the many machines you can find in the main public places as stations, airports, main streets etc…

When you recharge, 1 or 2 Hryvnia will be taken by the provider.

Recharge mobile phone, Kiev raylway stationa recharge machine at the Kiev railway station


1 Select your provider by touching its logo directly on the screen.

Select your provider

2 Dial your mobile phone number, using the touch screen

3 Once you have written your number, press “ДАЛІ” for to go on or press НАЗАД” for to go to the previous page.

Write your number
4 Now it is the time for to select how much you want to recharge, for to do so put the banknotes inside the machine. The amount of money will appear on the screen.

Decide how much to recharge

Put the money inside the machine

5 When you reach the amount you want to recharge press “СПЛАТИТИ”.

6 If you want to get the receive press  “ТАК”

Do you want the recieve?

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