Kiev Boryspil (Borispol) airport: Polit buses

The Kiev Boryspil (Borispol) airport is well connected with the center of Kiev by autobus and taxis which are available, day and night, just outside the airport.

In this post we will discover what are the buses called Polit Полит and why, from our point of view, are the best way to reach Kiev.

What are Polit Полит buses?

Polit are buses which connect the Boryspil airport with Kiev.
They are not all identical but there are buses of different brand and dimensions.
Some are large buses and other are just mashrutke.

Polit to BoryspilTwo large buses polit…

A large polit bus Kiev - Borispolanother polit bus, this time yellow

Autobus to Boryspil…a polit bus of smaller dimensions…

Bus to Boryspil…another one even smaller and older…

Mashrutka to Boryspil…a Polit – Mashrutka, waiting outside the Kiev railway station

How to recognize them

It is possible to recognize them from the plate with the number “322” and the direction of the Bus (Boryspil).

322 BoryspilNotice the number 322 on the plate

Where they go and where they depart

They connect the Kiev Boryspil airport with the Kiev railway station.

The raid last 50 minutes with only one intermediate stop before the airport

These buses depart from the parking just in front of the terminal B (on the left of the parking)

Polit parking area, BoryspilBuses parking area

In Kiev are possible to be found right outside the main railway station (new side).

Kiev railway station, new sideFrom here depart buses to the airport

Polit signboard outside the Kiev railway stationThis is the signboard of Polit buses at the Kiev railway station

Once at the railway station, you can get to the metro “Vokzal Вокзал” and from there reach your final destination. The metro station is next to the old side of the railway station.


A one way ticket cost 25 Hryvnia about 2 euro/person. There is not difference of price if you take a large bus or a small one.

Polit bus, TicketA ticket for the route Kiev – Borispol

You can buy the tickets directly on the bus, the driver will collect the money and give the tickets before
the bus will depart.

Inside the bus

These buses are in general quite comfortable with obvious differences between new and old buses.

Inside the bus Kiev - BoryspilInside a Polit bus (blu)

Inside the Polit (black)Inside another polit bus (the black bus)

The sits of the polit bus (black)A detail of the sits

Polit timetable

Polit timetable, Kiev- BoryspilOrario degli autobus Polit

During the day they depart every 15 – 20 min. In the night they depart every 50 min.

Autobus VS Taxi and similar

From our point of view, there is not any reason to prefer a taxi at a bus (if you are not in a great hurry)

Buses may take some extra minute but the price difference is evident. Taxi cost much more and the price change according to the driver which sometimes just drive his own car and has not taximeter. With buses you know the price from the very beginning and this price doesn’t became 10 times more if you are foreigner.

If you want to take anyway a taxi, ask the price before to say yes.

Apart of buses and taxi, are also popular those transfers offered by hotels, travel agencies and so on…
Here you may get a driver that speak your language but the price is usually higher than the one of normal taxis.

In the end if you don’t need to run, save money and travel safely inside a polit.

Kiev Boryspil (Borispol) international airport

Boryspil State International airport (KBP) is the largest airport in Ukraine.
It is located in Boryspil, a town at about 30 km from Kiev.
Often is called Borispol, the Russian version of Boryspil.

The airport is divided in 3 terminals:
Terminal A: Domestic flights
Terminal B: International flights (the largest one)
Terminal C: only for VIP

These terminals are not connected between each other.
For to move from ex. from Terminal B to Terminal A you have to walk outside (in the parking) for about 100m.

Kiev Boryspil airport

Terminal A and terminal B are very different from each other. While the terminal B is large and modern, terminal A is quite small and offer only the basic services. The terminal C is for VIP.

Terminal AThe terminal A

Terminal BThe terminal B

Terminal CEntrance of the terminal C

The airport is well connected with the city center by buses and taxis which depart from the parking just outside the terminal B.

Further information

Boryspil airport official website:

Guide to the Terminal A

Kiev Boryspil (Borispol) airport, Terminal A

The terminal A of the Kiev Boryspil (Borispol) airport is the terminal dedicated to the national arrivals and departures.

Terminal A, Kiev Boryspil

From here you can find flights to all the main other Ukrainian cities which, in general, don’t have good international connections

The terminal A is non as good as the close Terminal B but anyway it offers all the main services.

Inside the Terminal A, KievWhat you see once inside the terminal

Waiting room, terminal A, Boryspil

There are not many sits but this should be not a big problem as there are not so many people as in the terminal B. The main reason is that local people don’t use plane for internal transfers but prefer to travel by train or by bus.

The check in area is at the end of the room. On the monitors over the desks, you can read the name of the plane, the aircompany and the destination.

Check-in, terminal A, KievPeople waiting for the check in

The check in begin about 1 hour, 1 hour and half before the departure. You can check your flight status on the monitors or just by waiting the check in call which is also in English.

Once you have the boarding card, go to the boarding room which is after the security control.

Terminal A Kiev, security checkTo the boarding room

The security control is just after the door under the pannel gates A1 -A4.

Once passed the security check, you have just to wait for the boarding time and then finally take your plane.


The gates are not so “modern” they are simple doors which give right outside the terminal where the bus for the plane come to take the passengers.

The 4 gates are one next to the other and so if more than one plane is doing the boarding can happen that outside you will find not 1 bus but even 3 buses!

Be carefull to take the correct bus for no to end to a different plane. Read the destination on the side of the bus before to take it.

Have a nice flight!

Customs declaration (Ukrainian version)

This is the module you should fill out in the case you have something to declare at the Ukrainian customs. (red corridor)
Usually you have to fill out this module when you travel with a big sum of money or very precious items.
If you travel just with your personal things… mobile phone, notebook… than you don’t need this declaration.
In this case pass through the green corridor.

Customs declaration Ukraine

You have also to fill out this declaration if your luggage is lost.

This customs declaration is in Ukrainian but at the airport you will be able to find also the English version.

Further information:

Official web site of Ukrainian Customs:

Ukrainian Customs Declaration in English:

Donetsk international airport

The Donetsk International Airport is one of the most important in Ukraine.

Donetsk airport

It is not a big airport, just one terminal divided in 2 floors: 1 floor: Arrivals and Domestic departures. 2 floor: International Departure. At the first floor you can find several small shops, ticket offices (Donbassaero office) and different places where to sit and wait. For the national departures, go to the left of the hall, there you will find the check in counters and then the place where to pass the security control. National arrivals are in the right part of the hall and international arrivals are in the middle of the hall. On the left and right side of the hall you will be able to find the stairs which will led you to the second floor (international departures). On the second floor, some small shops and the office of these air companies: Lufthansa, Austrian, Turkish airlines and Utair. On the same floor there are 2 waiting rooms, one before customs control and another one (see the photo) after the check in and all other controls.

Aeroporto di Donetsk

In this waiting room you can find a duty free shop and a snack bar.

For more information about Donetsk airport

Donetsk international airport:

Guide to Donetsk airport, international departures:

Guide to Donetsk airport, international arrivals: