NEW (UPDATED 21/04/09): Possible reintroduction of the Visa regime for the EU citizens.

The Ukrainian authorities are now studying the possibility to abolish the Free Visa regime for the citizens of the European Union.

This means the reintroduction of a full fledged Visa regime as it was before the decision taken by President Yushenko during 2005.

There is who say that everything should be already ready for May 7th.

There are also other voices who speak about the possibility of a simple reduction of the free visa maximum stay from 90 to 30 days or even about the possible introduction of a Visa, tax on the arrival on the Turkish style.

The reason of all this a primary on the missed abolition or at least true simplification of the Schengen Visa for the Ukrainian citizens.

In fact are more and more the people who complain about the difficulties , sometimes true nightmares, for to get a Schengen Visa.

Nowadays it is still not clear if all this will stay just simple words for to attract the attention of the European Union or will true be followed by concrete facts.

There is only more to say that all this happen during an hard competition for the future presidential elections.

We also don’t know if the possible reintroduction of Visa will be also for the other countries such as USA and Canada.

When we will have some more information we will share it with you!


Today, we heard at the radio that the discussion is proceeding and the final decision will probable come for May 7th. Until now, there are voice saying the price of the possible visa will be of 35 Euro for both US and EU citizens.


Until now there are no particular news on the possible visa reintroduction.
Anyway even if the decision should be taken between May and June the new dispositions should come in force in several months if not from next year.

Another news: President Yushenko sent back to the parliament the proposal of law obliging foreigners and stateless person to submit biometric data when apply for a visa starting from 2010.