How to: Setup the Russian and Ukrainian layout under Apple Leopard

First of all i can confirm that, even if they are not available on the Apple web site, the Apple Keyboard with Cyrillic letters exist!
We found it in a normal Apple store in Ukraine, it was available in both versions: wired and wireless.
The price is almost identical to the “normal” English ones.

We didn’t find the keyboard with Ukrainian layout but this doesn’t mean that they just don’t exist.

If you need a mac book with Russian layout, you can find it as well!

Set up the Russian / Ukrainian layout on Apple Leopard

You can follow this procedure even if you don’t have a true Russian / Ukrainian keyboard. For to find the correct keys, you can print the layout published in this post.

1 Go to “System preferences”, select “International” and then “Input menu”

2 Now select: “Russian”, and “Ukrainian” in the list.

3 The click on “Keyboard shortcuts” and select (activate) “Input Menu”

4 Chose the keys combination you like best for to switch between the three different layouts (the default shortcut enter in conflict with the one of Spotlight, you can use a different shortcut or just deactivate the shortcut for Spotlight)

5 No you will be able to see the layout flag next to the battery indicator, when you want you can switch between all these layouts.


Under “International” –> “Input menu”, u can also select the option “Keyboard Viewer” which allow you to see the keyboard layout by clicking on the layout flag and then on “Show Keyboard Viewer”.

Russian layout

Russian layout mac

Ukrainian layout

Ukrainian layout mac

You can print and use them for to find the keys if you don’t have a true Cyrillic keyboard.


If you want to write in Ukrainian, but you don’t have a true Cyrillic keyboard you can use our free program (it also transliterate from Cyrillic to Latin)
UKR:)landia transliterators

For to configure a Russian / Ukrainian keyboard under Windows XP and Ubuntu:

Free Ukrainian and Russian transliterators

We are glad to announce the realize of a small software developed by us in Flash which will allow everybody to transliterate the Ukrainian language in Latin characters.

We developed two versions of it:

UKR:)landia transliterator v4.1 .beta Ukrainian NEW!

An Ukrainian – Latin transliterator with large text field and most of all a virtual Cyrillic Keyboard.

UKR:)landia transliterator v4.1 .beta Russian NEW!

The same as before but for the Russian language

The Ukrainian transliterator adopt the Official transliteration system of the Ukrainian language.

The Russian one adopt the BGN/PCGN transliteration system.

Since it is in Flash, it is possible to use it from almost every computer no matter the operating system (Window XP, Mac, Linux…)

The version 4.1 is available online at this link:

UKR:)landia transliterator v4.1 .beta Ukrainian
UKR:)landia transliterator v4.1 .beta Russian

Soon we will publish the links where you can download them to your computer.

Languages of Ukraine: Ukrainian and Russian

In Ukraine people speak mainly two languages:

– Ucrainian
– Russian

Russian is well know almost everywhere (due to the Soviet times) and is the most widely spoken language in the Eastern side of Ukraine and all along the Crimean peninsula.

In the Western part of the country the first language is Ukrainian.

This show quite clearly the political division of the country:
East pro Russia and West pro Europe, USA…

For all this reasons and others, you may look a bit odd to some people if you talk Ukrainian for es. in Donetsk or Luhansk… and the same if you speak Russian in L’viv. Can also happen they will not understand you or just pretend not to hear.

It is also quite common to hear people speak Russian using in the same time different Ukrainian words, or the opposite.

Anyway, until now, in Ukraine there is just ONE official language:


This means every official document or activity is in Ukrainian.

For this reason is important to know at least some word of this language because, even if it is very similar to the Russian language, many things are totally different.

Cat in Ukrainian is KIT in Russian the same word means Whale.

So we decided to publish several new posts in future about the Ukrainian language; in few words a very short phrasebook:)

If you want us to write about a particular topic, fell free to write us (post a comment), if we can, we will be happy to help you.