Kiev Boryspil (Borispol) international airport

Boryspil State International airport (KBP) is the largest airport in Ukraine.
It is located in Boryspil, a town at about 30 km from Kiev.
Often is called Borispol, the Russian version of Boryspil.

The airport is divided in 3 terminals:
Terminal A: Domestic flights
Terminal B: International flights (the largest one)
Terminal C: only for VIP

These terminals are not connected between each other.
For to move from ex. from Terminal B to Terminal A you have to walk outside (in the parking) for about 100m.

Kiev Boryspil airport

Terminal A and terminal B are very different from each other. While the terminal B is large and modern, terminal A is quite small and offer only the basic services. The terminal C is for VIP.

Terminal AThe terminal A

Terminal BThe terminal B

Terminal CEntrance of the terminal C

The airport is well connected with the city center by buses and taxis which depart from the parking just outside the terminal B.

Further information

Boryspil airport official website:

Guide to the Terminal A

Ukrainian metro: Kharkiv

The Kharkiv metro is the second largest metro system in Ukraine (the others two are in Kyiv and Dnipropetrovsk).


1……… Oleksiivs’ka linii (13 stations)
2…….. Saltivs’ka liniia (8 stations)
3…….. Kholodnogirs’ko-Zavods’ka liniia (7 stations)


Radyans’kaIstorychnyi muzei
SportyvnaMetrobudivnykiv im. H.I. Vaschenka

Metro map

Kharkiv metro map


One way ticket costs 50 Kopiykas (0.50 Hryvnia)
The price may be now higher.

Tickets have the shape of plastic tokens used for turnstiles

Further information

Kharkiv metro official site:

Kharkiv metro on Wikipedia:

Ukrainian metro: Dnipropetrovsk

The Dnipropetrovsk metro is the smallest metro system in Ukraine (the others two are in Kyiv and Kharkiv).
Some new segments are already in construction nowadays and there are also several new plans for a future enlargement.

Lines (only one line)

1….. Tsentralno-Zavodska (6 Stations)

Metro map

Dnipropetrovsk metro map


One-way ticket: 60 kopiykas (0.60 Hryvnia)
The price might increase in the short term.

Tickets have the shape of plastic tokens used for turnstiles.

Further information

Dnipropetrovsk metro official web site:

Dnipropetrovsk metro on wikipedia:

Ukrainian metro: Kiev

The Kyiv metro is the largest metro system in Ukraine (the other two are in Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk).

It is the easiest way to get around the city. Just buy the ticket (token) and you can get almost every way. There are plans for to open new lines in future as for now it looks like in this way:


1…. Sviatoshyns’ko – Brovars’ka (18 stations)
2…. Kurenivs’ko – Chervonoarmiis’ka liniia (12 stations)
3…. Syretsko – Pechers’ka liniia (17 Stations + 1 closed)


Teatral’naZoloti vorota
KhreschatykMaidan nezalezhnosti
Ploscha L’va TolstohoPalats sportu

Metro map

Kiev metro map

NEW! Tickets:

The price has changed one ticket doesn’t cost anymore 50 Kopecks but 1,75 Hryvnia.Tickets have the shape of plastic tokens used for turnstiles.


The tickets which have been issued before the price changing can’t be used anymore!

Tokens, Kiev metro

Tokens, Kiev metro

You can buy them from the cashiers at the entrance of every station.

Kiev metro, cashers

In many stations you can also find some automatic exchange machine which accept Hryvnia banknotes.

Tokens machine, Kiev metro

Further information

Kiev metro official site:

Kiev metro on wikipedia:

Yarmecha, bus timetable

Here you can find the timetable of the bus station of Yarmecha, well known holiday resort town in western Ukraine (Ivano Frankivsk oblast)

Yaremcha (Ivano Frankivsk), buses map

Yaremcha, buses timetable

Yaremcha, buses timetable

Yaremcha, buses timetable

There photos were taken during the last summer (2008) so the timetable may have change.

How to reach Yaremcha