Guide to UKR:)landia transliterator

Few words about the way of working of our software:

1 Type the text using the virtual keyboard or just “Copy and Paste” it.
2 Press “Translit” for to transliterate (the original text will be overwritten).

Press “Clear text” for to delete all the text in the text field.

The virtual keyboard works just as a common keyboard, so for to have Uppercase letters press “Caps lock” or “Shift”.

Transliteration time: About 4 seconds for 4000 characters.


For long texts the application may take several seconds.
If it takes more than 15 seconds, may appear a message from Flash where you will be asked if to stop the process or to go on.
It is a normal message which Flash ask for to avoid infinite loops (which are not in our application)

Advice: If you need to elaborate a very long text, divide it in several parts and process them one by one.


– Release 4.1: Solved problem with capital letters


If you find any bug, you are welcome to post us a comment.

Both versions are now available online:
UKR:)landia transliterator v4.1 .beta Ukrainian
UKR:)landia transliterator v4.1 .beta Russian

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