Wedding in Ukraine: The wedding day

After you paid and confirmed the wedding day in the ZAGS, you still need to get some few things which are required for the ceremony.

The list with all the required items will be given by the ZAGS in the same day when you confirm your wedding day.

All items will be brought by the best man some minutes before the ceremony with the exception of the rings which are of competence of the future husband.

List of things which best man need to bring

Documents of the couple
Local passport of the Ukrainian citizen.
Passport and immigration card of the foreigner citizen.

A Bottle of Champagne with two glasses
You will drink it at the end of the ceremony.

A traditional Ukrainian towel, on which the future husband and wife should stand on when they exchange rings.

A fresh rose or a small pillow for rings
For to put there the rings during the ceremony.

During the ceremony

The only word you will be asked to say during the wedding is: DA or TAK, Yes!
So even if you don’t speak Russian or Ukrainian there is not problem.
(in Donetsk the ceremony is in Russian in the Western Ukraine for sure will be in Ukrainian)

At the end, you will put 4 signatures on two papers and then you will be official married!

What you get from the ZAGS

At the end of the ceremony you will get:

The certificate of wedding
(on which you will have to work for to get the visa and the transcription to your country )

Your two passports
In Ukraine is a rule to put a stamp on a specific page of the local passport after the wedding with the name of the husband or the wife. Even if you are foreigner, they will not make any exception, they will put anyway a stamp in one of the page for visas.

So in the end is alike if you have a visa for your wife:P

This is all for now, enjoy the beautiful Ukrainian wedding party and after we will talk about visa and legalization…

Happy wedding!

Wedding procedures

1 For the list of documents given by the Italian Embassy in Kiev (in Italian) visit:

2 How to get the Nulla osta from the embassy:

3 What to do once you have gotten your nulla osta:

4 For to know which documents bring to the ZAGS:

5 Fill out the wedding request form at the ZAGS (translated in English):

6 Legalization and translation of the wedding certificate:

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