Wedding in Ukraine, bring the documents to the ZAGS

Once you have your all your documents ready, go to the ZAGS for to chose the date of your wedding.

The ZAGS is the one of the area where the Ukrainian citizen lives.

ZAGS DonetskThis is the building of the Donetsk’s ZAGS

You need to have with you the following documents:

Italian citizen

– Nulla osta
– Original passport
– Translated and legalized copy of the passport
(if required, but anyway better to have it)

Ukrainian citizen

– National passport. (not the one for abroad)

Once at the ZAGS you will be asked to fill out these modules:
1 The module for the payment of the ZAGS (80 Kop.) less than 10 cents of Euro.
(after you will have to pay much more for the ceremony)

2 The module for to require the wedding celebration. Here you need to specify you personal data.

The second module must be filled out in Ukrainian Cyrillic by both.
If you can’t write in Cyrillic than there is some different procedure which require the presence of the notarius. The easiest way is to ask your Ukrainian fiance to help you with it.

Once you have filled our both forms, you need to go to pay the ZAGS and with the recive of the payment come back to the ZAGS assistant and give back your wedding appliance.

The payment has to be done by bank.

You will have to come again to the ZAGS few days before the wedding (they will say exactly when)  for to give the confirmation. Both the applicants are required to be there. (this is because you need to show once again your passport)

In this occasion you will have also to pay for the ceremony.
The price of it is: 400 Hryvnia (at least this is in Donetsk) about 40 euro.

Wedding procedures:

1 For the list of documents given by the Italian Embassy in Kiev visit: (in Italian)

2 How to get the Nulla osta from the embassy:

3 What to do once you have gotten your nulla osta:

4 For to know which documents bring to the ZAGS:

5 The wedding day

6 Legalization and translation of the wedding certificate:

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