Coming to Yaremcha

In Ukraine there is a well know holiday resort called Yaremcha which is located in the Ivano Frankivsk oblast in the very western part of Ukraine.


You can reach Yaremcha by train:
606 К Lviv – Rahiv (львів – рахів)
Departing at 15.20 from Lviv and arriving in Yaremcha at 21.03 (Rahiv 23.58)

606 Л Rahiv – Lviv (рахів – львів)
Departing at 01.22 from Rahiv, arriving in Yaremcha at 04.15 (Lviv 10.10)

As you can see there are very few trains which operate on the Yarmecha’s route.
In winter is possibe to find more train but i can’t say it for sure.

Anyway if for example you came from Kyiv, or other cities not so close to Lviv, the best way to get there is through Ivano Frankivsk.

You can reach Ivano Frankivsk by train there is a plenty of train which goes there from almost every city.

Ivano Frankivsk railway station(Ivano Frankivsk’s railway station)

Then right out of the railway station, you will find a large number of busses and mashrutkas, you will not have much problems to find the one with the sign YAREMCHA or ЯРЕМЧА. (photo below)

Outside the railway station of Ivano Frankovsk
The bus will bring you to the bus station of Yaremcha. (photo below)

Yaremcha autobus station

From there you can easily reach your final destination by taxi or even by feet.

For to know about Yaremcha Bus timetable:

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2 Responses to “Coming to Yaremcha”

  1. ben says:

    how far to the carpathian naational park from yaremcha please?

  2. Greenissimo says:

    If you mean the park where is the highest mountain of Ukraine (Hoverla) then it is not very far from Yaremcha.
    We have been there last summer and it took no more than 2 hours to get there by car. Then you need to walk in the park
    for several hours before to reach the top…

    You can use one of the excursion which are offered by local Hotels and houses which rent rooms…
    The price we paid for the excursion was, at that time, 100 Hryvnia/person.

    if you want to do everything by yourself, remember you need a permission to go inside the park with
    a car. (the entrance is still far from the place where starts the “true” park)